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With the collected experience and expertise on the Europеan market with local and foreign clients, Contivia and its team of professionals are growing to appear on the international market to support businesses outsourcing their Digital Back-office operations fully or partially

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Get to know our company and the path we took to grow in order to be able to offer you the best solutions

Depending on your company needs Contivia team will bring their best expertise to match your back-office processes. We can develop and expand your team or manage and structure relocation and optimization of workflow for achieving better results. We have grown from 0 to 65+ team and we continue to expand.

First business, company “Anagami”, was established by the founder as accounting services brand with “friends and family” companies as first clients.

We continued working with small clients from Bulgaria and expanded clients list.
We made an increase of income with 500% and started forming a real team and professional sales.
We created a growth 300% and started working with clients from EU. We had an investment from well-known Bulgarian start-up as partnership.

We expanded with growth of 300%, increased the capacity of the team and broadened the range of services we offer to our local and international clients.

We closed the year with growth of 80%, doubled our non-Bulgarian clients and started successful staffing business with the brand “Autsorsa” focused on BPO and ITO.

With growth of 66%, we started to work on accounting software project along with outstaffing model for accountants and multiplied our back-office operations staffing teams. We started to create data entry departments for global companies in Bulgaria.

We started to create accounting departments from scratch for developed business units in Europe. We managed to handle the main business processes of these departments in house along with the recruiting, company and business management. We had 50% growth with team of 65+ people and team mates under management 150+ people. We introduced the brand “Contivia” as team, project and business establishment brand.

In 2022 we consolidated our team and increased our turnover by almost 100%. In addition to accounting departments, we have expanded the service of building back office departments with positions such as office assistant, data entry specialist, online and technical support, AML/KYC, Power Bi specialist.

Why Choose Us

Broad range of services

Contivia offers professional services to companies in the area of back-office, accounting, bookkeeping and tax, support services, IT . We have gained years of expertise to meet your highest expectations. Even if you need just one service we will be glad to help you.

Modern tools everywhere

We perform our services for globally recognized software products and software written for specific business needs. We are proud to be company founded to be fully remote. We are 24/7 there for you – because we are online!

Team of experts

Our team consists of experts that have more than 10 years experience in back-office operations, team and project management. Everything you need is to leave your business in our hands and focus on delivering value to your customers

Our Services



Employer of Record

Case Studies

Data entry

Recruiting and management of Data Entry Team in Bulgaria for an EU client leader on the marketing software market. The evolution of the team made great transformation of the client’s service. The progress in the structure of the process that we built in Bulgaria achieved great results. The team continues to expand and relocates more kinds of positions with variety of jobs descriptions every year.


We build Accounting and Bookkeeping Teams for our clients from scratch. We manage change, efficiency, quality, and productivity of teams. Within the EU, accounting is quite identical and that is why we manage to serve our EU customers at a high level. For our client, a leading property management company on the EU market, we successfully helped them established a business unit of their own in Bulgaria.

System administrators

We recruit and perform overall management of System Administrators for our international clients in Bulgaria, taking care of the integrity and cohesion of employees and their effective integration with management for the purposes of specific projects. We perform management processes related to subsidiaries and the overall presence of brands in the country as well as relocation, team optimization, management of the entire business in the country.

Customer support

We have built a Customer Service Team for an EU client. The department serves the client by chat and e-mail, records complaints and provides consulting in connection with the client’s main business activities, handing out tickets to the Sales and delivering the exact model of customer service needed. We have created the Customer Support position to be completely remote.


The Human Resources Team is being built extremely successfully as a separate business unit and serves all activities related to hiring employees, preparation of salaries, recruitment and construction of positions, activities for cohesion and leisure of employees, employee engagement management, community management.


More and more companies are starting business in the crypto field. The construction of each of the standard teams has specifics that need to be taken into account by contractors with experience in crypto business. We have experience with traders, exchange business, NFT, WEB3, token-based platforms, IT crypto consulting, payments in crypto.

Expert Team

Angelina Borisova

Founder & CEO

Broad experience in creation and management of teams

Lyubomir Lalovski

Sales Marketing Manager

Experienced Marketing & Sales specialist 

Radoslav Ivanov

Sales Support

Bojena Borisova

Sales Support


Crypto Businesses


Online service providers​


Real Estate



Data entry

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable



Financial Assistant

Customer Support

System/Network Admin

Website Support


Back-office Assistant



Remote Help-desk

BI Specalist

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